Well Look-y Here!

Howdy!  I’ve been recovering from my first year of high school teaching by doing almost nothing crafty.  I’ve been hanging out with friends, seeing movies, tutoring a student, dating a smidge, and that hasn’t left much time to organize my disaster space.  I’m an organizer.  I need order in my home to be productive, and since moving back from school, there has been very little order 😦  I need to buy things to put things in and hang things on and that stresses me the heck out.  I tried to ignore it and avoided doing things at home…like sew.  Then I realized crafting would help the insanity.  So I moved all my boxes to the floor whence they came, and got down to business!  I’ll have an FO post for you soon an I’m starting another project as soon as I hit publish!  Summertime, and the living CAN BE easy!

In case you’re wondering what my craft space looked like…here you go.  Shudder.



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