Two Rectangles?

Since seeing this skirt about 2 weeks ago, I knew I needed to make one of my own.  I went to my local fabric store (LFS), and looked in vain for gingham taffeta.  I seriously wanted to make the EXACT same skirt.  Sigh.  It was not meant to be.  I got a grip and started trolling the available heavier weighted fabrics.  This jumped out at me:

Huge polka dots?  Yes, please!  I bought all of it.  (Only 3 yds.)  I then drafted my very complex pattern of two rectangles, cut it out, and sewed it together.  For the waistband, I used something I had never heard of before, Ban Roll.  I’ll talk about this more in a later post.  While I love the stiffness of the waistband, somewhere along the way I subtracted an inch.  You wouldn’t think an inch would be that important, but in a waistband, it is vital.  I can’t zip up the skirt!  Well, I can get it to the bottom of the waistband, and then I start swearing and sweating.  Rather than take the waistband off, make a longer one, and sew it back on, I’m opting to make a corset.  I’m a very practical girl, you see.  Actually I normally am, but this fabric shows every little hole, and I can’t bear the possibility of ruining this skirt.  Thus, the more labor intensive solution.  Take a look at the finished skirt, and I think you’ll see why I’m being so crazy!

To finish the skirt, I decided to hem it by hand.  I used a catch stitch, and it’s only slightly visible on the right side.  It was hard to pick up only a strand or two because the skirt has some stretch that I didn’t observe in the store.  Oh well.  It took me 3 days to hem the whole thing.

I plan to make a few more of these skirts in solids for the coming school year.  I think they are just darling.  Do you have a favorite skirt pattern?


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