Home Improvements

In the midst of class prep, 5k training, and summer cleaning, I have also been embarking on a redesign of my bedroom.  I haven’t lived in my apartment for nearly a year (except for a day or two a week), and I wanted a new look for the coming school year.  I have named the redesign “Operation Stormy Seas.”  Now, I realize that sounds ominous, but the name comes from my obsession with stormy days at the beach.  I have always preferred the beach on overcast days, so I decided to make that my theme.  I’m using blues and greys to tie it all together.  I’m really excited for the big reveal.

For now, here is a picture of one mini dresser I painted last month and a dresser runner I made for each of the three dressers.  You can see the horribly stained and disgusting ironing board cover underneath the lovely vintage boats fabric.  I will have an update on that in a few days!

The Fabric

The Pre-miter and Mitered Corner

The Runner In-Situ (lamp in limbo)

Happy Tuesday!


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