Sewing Mojo vs. Sewing Time

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in over a month.  The school year started about a month ago, and I have been trying to figure out a routine that will keep me sane both in the classroom and out.  I think I have finally come up with a workable plan, so I hope to post more regularly from now on.

Currently, I am working on two projects: Butterick 5319 and Colette Beignet.  I started the Butterick earlier this year, I think.  It was back when I was still thinking I could make a bunch of shapeless dresses and just belt them.  Needless to say, I am over that pattern style, so I am not at all excited about this dress.  That said, I do like the fabric, and I already cut out a few pieces, so I decided to go ahead and finish the job.  But…I lost the pattern piece for the back of the skirt.  Sigh.  I made up something that I hope works, but now I REALLY don’t want to make this dress.  I bribed myself with bright yellow lining fabric (It will look fabulous with the fabric, so I know I’ll finish it one day.  For now, though, I have put it aside.

I also started tracing Beignet on Monday before work.  Roughly 5am.  But the fabric was hard to work with (brushed cotton twill, I think) and I didn’t get very far.  Then school happened so it sat with 2 pieces traced for the rest of the week.  This morning, I decided that was absurd, so I traced out all the main fabric pieces, the facings, and the pockets.  I still need to trace and cut out the rest of the lining, but I’ve sewn together the front pieces, the back pieces, and attached the pockets.  So far, I think it’s a super cute design, and it seems like it will fit me like a glove.  I hope to finish the rest of the skirt, minus the buttons tomorrow.

Oh, the buttons.  I found the perfect buttons, but they have been discontinued.  I have nine.  I need 12.  I have googled and ebayed, and these buttons are gone.  They cannot be found.  I have looked for suitable replacement buttons, but none will do.  I can’t finish this skirt without 12 buttons.  Ugh!  Why is it so hard to find buttons in this town?  Anyway, I am close to throwing any old buttons on for the time being just to finish and then next time I am in NYC, buying some nice ones.  I could also alter the pattern, but that makes me nervous since I’ve only sewn two buttonholes in my life.

Oh and here’s a picture of my living room set up.  My sewing area is nice, but sometimes I want to sit out in the living room.  The dining room table makes for a nice sewing surface 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!


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