Pictureless Update

I just wanted to drop by and update folks on my crafting. I’ll post a fuller pictorial review of the projects this weekend when I have more time.

I finished the Beignet skirt this morning from 4-6 am.  I have no idea why I was up, but I put that time to good use.  It’s too big in the waist, and just this side of too small (I think) in the front side panels.  I think it’s still wearable, though.  I hope to get good pictures soon.

I also made a muslin of the Clovers while watching the debate.  I couldn’t even pull them up because my thighs were too round(?)/hearty.  I have this problem to a much lesser degree, however, with all pants, so I am looking forward to figuring out how to fix it when my fitting book arrives.  My first guess is to widen the front thigh so that I can pull them all the way up, then I probably need to do a full seat adjustment, or a camel toe adjustment (LOL!).  I had no idea this was a thing until I started Googling Clover adjustments today.  Maybe I should look up full thigh adjustments too…  I should be dreading this, but the idea that I might finally have a perfectly fit pair of pants is like a holy grail to me.  I will happily make another muslin or two if it means never having to try on every pair of pants in a store to buy one pair!

I’m also plugging away at my military jacket sweater.  I have to go to Andover tomorrow, and I am hoping to get some quality knitting time either there or back.

Tootle loo for now!


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