Confessions of a Craft Hoarder

I’m a craft hoarder. It’s true. I collect spindles, fabrics, yarns, needles, fiber…you name it, and I probably have a collection of it. I’ve been trying really hard to curb my hoarding tendencies but honestly, it’s not working. So, I thought I would share them instead.  That makes it more acceptable, right?  Look!  I ordered some new patterns!

First up – shirts! I don’t sew many shirts, but I’m not too fond of most of the shirts I buy, so I figured a few patterns were in order.

Then I thought I should make a jacket or two.  Again, not thrilled with the jackets I own.  Either too tight in the arms or in a material I no longer want to wear.  These could look very conservative so I’ll need to be careful with fabrics and detailing.

And Oh My!  a fitting shell.  My Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing suggests it, but I haven’t been able to find one for sale for the past year.  I bought one in a 14 for my torso and a 22 for my lower body.  Should be very illuminating and help with fitted dresses!

In anticipation for all the perfect fitting I would now be cranking out, I figured I’d need some more fitted dresses.  You know, cuz I have no fitted patterns already.  Sigh.  The starburst dress is at least for knits, so that’s a little different.

And then I bought some frou-frou patterns.  I have no idea where I’ll wear these dresses, but I really want to make them, so maybe I’ll go grocery shopping in them or translate Latin in them.  You know, glamorous stuff.

And no pattern purchase would be complete without vintage numbers!  These were too gorgeous not to buy.  And now that I have an idea of how to make a circular, dirndl skirt, I don’t even really have to bother with the lower portion of the first of these.  Only the bodice.  Woohoo!

And this one I bought for the shirt in the bottom corner.  I mean, look at it!

So there you are.  I’m now up to 60 sewing patterns.  I’ll gradually reveal all my collections and additions to them.  Hope this made you feel a little better about whatever hoarding you do 🙂